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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We’ve got answers!

Yes! As long as you understand the basics of how to perform a snatch and a clean & jerk, weightlifting.ai will identify you as a beginner based on your current numbers and program for you accordingly, ensuring plenty of technical and strength work.

Yes! weightlifting.ai will identify your classification during onboarding and program accordingly, ensuring the optimal volumes and intensities for continued progress.

Yes! During onboarding we take into account your age and ability level and ensure the doseage of training is correct for you. Our AI then keeps a close eye on your fatigue levels and how you respond to stress, optimising your tailored program over time.

Yes! The beauty of weightlifting.ai is that it accounts for the fatigue you gain from other activities and ensure that you don't overdo it in the gym. We suggest lowering the number of days you train on weightlifting.ai so that you train with us on separate days from your other sports/tough training.

Yes, although it is cheaper to purchase weightlifting.ai here through your browser rather than making an in-app purchase.

Yes! Simply head to the menu within the app, select 'payments' and then 'cancel subscription' and you will stop being charged.

You can select a training cycle as short as 4 weeks or as long as 20 weeks. To get the best out of it you should string multiple training cycles one after the other as our AI learns more and more about you with each subsequent session.

You can select to train between 3 and 6 days a week.

Yes, simply select the days of the week that you prefer to train on and our AI will program accordingly.

Simply select the date of the competition and we will do the rest, ensuring you get the perfect training program to peak you for that competition. Make sure you let us know in the Performance Community how you do!

You need a barbell, some plates, and the ability to squat (a squat rack or jerk blocks). You are able to switch accessory exercises to accomodate your equipment. For example you can substitute back extensions for good mornings, or dumbell press for barbell press.

You will gain access to the Performance Community which will allow you to submit videos. Our team of coaches will be on hand to help you with your technique. The community will also offer advice.

We have a demo library built into the app with videos of every single exercise being performed by the best weightlifters from all over the world. We also have points of performance and exercise descriptions alongside every video.

The first thing you should do is to consult a professional. 

You can cancel your Weightlifting.ai subscription for a period and, when you later resubscribe, all your data will be waiting for you ready to get training again. 

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